What Is Manifestation?


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You might have heard this word thrown about quite a lot lately. Manifesting has definitely become a trend. But no matter how many times we hear ‘manifest your desires’ or ‘just manifest it and it’ll happen’ will you truly understand what it is.

What is manifestation?

To simplify this, manifestation is making something occur in your physical life that you believed, felt or thought previously. You might be thinking, make something occur? Yes – literally can be an experience, people, objects, anything…
Brilliant – so can I manifest anything? Well yes, but no.
Your thoughts and feelings are what you manifest. This means you might manifest something you really want such as a pay rise, but you could also manifest being lonely if this is how you feel.
  1. Your thoughts can control what you manifest if you truly believe them.
  2. How you truly feel will be manifested and this might not be what you want.
This means every time you think or feel a certain way you are sending signals out and if it’s what you really want or feel, then you’ll receive it. Just have a think, everything that is happening in your life right now can be traced back to thoughts, feelings or beliefs you (consciously or unconsciously) practised in the past.
It is recommended to not manifest ‘not being lonely’ or ‘I don’t want to be fat’ because the negative words can be overlooked and instead it speaks as ‘lonely’ and ‘fat’ rather than the outcome you would want such as ‘surrounded by others’ or to be ‘healthy’.
I would suggest when you are manifesting to always focus on the outcome you want, not how you feel currently. Repeat, write down or just feel the outcome and that will help you be more successful at manifesting!
Crystals for manifestation

What have I manifested?

I haven’t really manifested too much. I’ve only been into it for the past couple of years, and I don’t put too much focus on it compared to others I know. However, I do feel some of the things I have achieved in the past year are because my mindset has changed because of what I have learnt from manifestation.  

By focusing on the outcome, the positives and repeating these thoughts and feelings I have manifested:

  • First Class Degree
  • Dream job
  • Apartment I love
  • Being engaged

Yet, I know there is more potential out there for me. I could manifest being healthy if I poured my heart and soul into it. But my negativity towards my own self is holding me back. So just keep that as a reminder, positive thoughts outweigh the negative.  

You won’t achieve what you want, you will not be able to manifest what you want if you focus on your negative situation and thoughts. You need to feel and live like you have the outcome already, and the universe will give that to you.

Have you manifested anything? Or are trying to figure out how to manifest?