How To Get More Website Traffic Using Pinterest

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How To Get More Website Traffic Using Pinterest - Lily Hazell

Are you using Pinterest and still not getting website traffic to your site? Unsure what to do to get in front of your ideal clients, be visible and turn cold leads into clients? Here are 5 ways you can get more traffic from Pinterest!

Optimizing your profile

When you’re setting up your Pinterest profile you don’t always want to just copy and paste what you use on your Instagram over to Pinterest. Like an Instagram profile, Pinterest too needs to be optimized to the platform. From your picture, name, description, boards to your pin descriptions every part of your profile has an impact on your visibility.

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Using Pinterest keywords

Much like how hashtags work on Instagram, keywords are how you are found by your ideal clients on Pinterest. When a user searches on Pinterest ‘Social Media Tips’ they are using keywords, and when you use these within your profile you have a greater chance of showing up and getting traffic to your site. Keywords can be used EVERYWHERE, but remember you need a strategy behind them. Don’t just use any random keyword, Pinterest needs to know what your niche is and then focus on it!

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Design click-worthy pins

Pinterest is a visible search engine which means you need to entice people to click using your pins. Once they click your pin your description can do all the talking. But it’s getting that first click that’s important. My 3 tips for click-worthy pins are:

  1. Have clear and readable text that matches the audiences keywords
  2. Use a design software to make pins easily, I love Canva!
  3. Utilize color (ideally you brand color) but don’t overload it, stick with 1-2 colors max!

Post fresh new content, consistently

I attended a Pinterest event and they mentioned that they love fresh content, regularly. From this, they don’t mean the same blog post with a new pin design, they want a whole new piece of content (blog, podcast or video) pinned onto the platform. My recommendation and what I’ve found with most of my clients is that 1 piece of fresh content a week works well, more is always better, but weekly fresh content is still good! By posting fresh content you’re showing Pinterest your value and giving the platform more chance to put your content in front of your ideal audience = MORE TRAFFIC!

Expand your reach

You might be thinking, Lily I’ve tried all of these steps but still, my traffic isn’t growing?! Well, it’s time to expand your reach. Stop keeping your pins to yourself and your boards. By joining niche group boards and tribes, you’re putting yourself in front of even more pinners, people who might have never seen your content before and if you’ve done step 3 (click-worthy pins) then they’ll definitely be repinning onto their profiles which equals even more eyes on your content!

Need Help With Getting Website Traffic From Pinterest?

When we work together you don’t just get pretty pins and a consistent schedule, you’ll get the full package. From optimized keyword strategies to understanding if your audience is converting, and if they aren’t how we can fix that. I love Pinterest and making it work in your business, turning cold leads into clients is my thing!