7 Days of Self Care Routine


7 days of self care routine

Hello beautiful ladies! One thing I know a lot of us are trying to do is incorporate a self care routine into our lives. Whether that be every day, or just once a week. Self care is also this phrase that encompasses so many different things, from pampering to exercising. But to break it down, it simply means “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.”

Self care routines don’t need to be multiple steps every single day, morning and night. It’s just about taking time out of your day to focus on you, each day if you can, if not at least once a week. To spend time on nothing else, just you. 

7 days of self care

I’ve put together this guide which suggests tasks and things you can do throughout the week to help encourage some me time.

From exercising and decluttering to pampering and socialising, no matter what you want to, and how you want to spend your time – hopefully, this encourages you a little. 

I’ve broken it down daily by category, Monday – Nourish Your Soul to Sunday – Pamper Day. This just makes things more achievable, and trust me, less daunting.

Take each day as it comes, and focus on the intention of that day. I don’t recommend doing all the tasks I suggest, just pick one and aim to complete that. If you don’t get round to it, that’s fine also. Self care is a journey, I’m not testing you on this, you aren’t going to achieve a grade for completing all tasks for the entire week. Take it at your own pace, and enjoy the journey.

I really hope this 7-day self-care routine helps you just a little.

Please feel free to download it, share it with others who you think need that extra bit of motivation & pin it to your self-care boards for future reference.

7 days of self care routine

Have a fab day, Lily x