5 Pinterest Marketing Tips For Businesses


Have you been considering starting Pinterest for your business because you’ve heard how amazing this platform has been for other businesses? Pinterest marketing is a powerful tool for any business, it not only increases your brand awareness, but you’ll get more eyes on your website and you’ll see not only your email list grow but also your client base too!

However, jumping right into Pinterest with no idea what you’re doing will set you up for failure. So check out my top 5 tips that you can use today to get your profile ready for business.

1. Create a business account

If you’ve been using your Pinterest for personal use, pinning recipes or cute outfits, it’s time to create a business account. Whether you’re starting from scratch (even if you’ve got a personal profile) or you’ve been using Pinterest for your business for a while but it’s a personal account, switch your account to a ‘Business account’ now!

Pinterest account changes to business acount
You can find this option in Settings > Account settings

By switching your profile to a business account you’ll unlock more features that will help grow your profiles reach and help you serve your ideal clients on Pinterest. Some of the features you’ll get from a Pinterest Business account are:

  • Analytics on your engagement, link clicks and audience
  • Rich pins (these automatically pull content from your site)
  • Prompted pins (Pinterest ads)
  • A ‘Pin it’ button on your site

2. Research keywords

Once you’ve got your account switched over, you’re ready to research! Understanding what your ideal clients are searching for is SUPER key for Pinterest success and a part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Why? Well if you think your audience is searching for something, but in reality they’re not, you aren’t going to show up to the right people. However, Pinterest makes it easy for us to know what keywords we should be using.

Typing in your core keyword, such as ‘mindset’ you’ll be shown additional words that are commonly searched with it. So for a mindset coach, top keywords for you to target will be ‘change your mindset’, ‘mindset tips’ and ‘mindset coaching’ – all of these phrases are being searched by your ideal clients!

how to find keywords on pinterest
how to find keywords on pinterest

3. Have appropriate niche boards

Cool, so we understand what keywords we should be using, now to build out your account. When creating boards don’t just think of anything, your profile is the storefront of your business to your Pinterest audience. It not only needs to give them an idea of what you offer but also serves exactly what they’re looking for.

So if we keep on the mindset idea, yes having boards focusing purely on mindset is brilliant, and you should have them. But you also need to cover other areas your ideal client might be searching on Pinterest for. Let’s say your ideal clients are entrepreneurs, having relevant niche boards relating to their search preference is key to giving them exactly what they’re looking for on Pinterest all within your profile. Why do we do this? Well, if we can cover a wide variety of our ideal client’s searches, the more they see our pins the more they become familiar with our content and the easier it is for them to turn from a cold lead to a warm lead.

4. Create valuable content with lead magnets

So you could link your pins to any page on your site and hope for the best. You could have really good blog posts or website hosted YouTube videos that help your audience and provide them with the answers they were looking for. But if you aren’t converting this traffic into warm leads through a lead magnet or low ticket offer, you’re just wasting your time.

Yes getting loads of clicks from Pinterest is great, getting loads of views on your blogs is brilliant, but that doesn’t pay the bills. What pays the bills is getting these users into a place known to convert with ease: your email list. So make sure where you send your pins has an opportunity to promote a well thought out lead magnet to convert them from a cold audience who might not have known you before they clicked to someone loving your emails and ready to invest in your service!

5. Pin consistently!

Pinterest has said that pinning little and often is the KEY to success. You might be thinking, ugh but I would rather go onto Pinterest once a day and repin and pin in bulk, rather than coming on regularly throughout the day. But that’s why powerful tools such as Tailwind* exist.

If you haven’t heard of Tailwind, it’s a tool that allows you to schedule your pins and repins so you are pinning consistently throughout the day, using the little and often strategy. Tailwind* not only has saved me hours of time but also ensures I never miss a day.

*affiliate link, by signing up with this link you’ll save $15!

Need Help With Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

When we work together you don’t just get pretty pins and a consistent schedule, you’ll get the full package. From optimized keyword strategies to understanding if your audience is converting, and if they aren’t how we can fix that. I love Pinterest and making it work in your business, turning cold leads into clients is my thing!