3 Ways To Find Niche Keywords On Pinterest


3 Ways To Find Niche Keywords On Pinterest - Lily Hazell - Pinterest Manager

Are you curious about how to get your pins to show up in the search results? Are you pinning your content but you aren’t getting many impressions and wondering why? If so, you need to know about Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The key to understanding Pinterest SEO is to understand how to find the best Pinterest keywords.

Although so many people say Pinterest is a social media, it is more of a visual search engine. Think Google, but instead of words, it’s just pictures. And so because it’s a search engine it works in a very similar way to Google. People search for what they’re looking for and the business ensures that the keywords are in the content and search result.

And if you’re feeling like this might be too much to tackle, or even worse not understanding the importance of keywords on Pinterest, keep reading.

What are Pinterest keywords?

Keywords are the way people find your content. Keywords are a set of words that inform a user what that piece of content is about.

When we search on Pinterest for social media tips, fall recipe ideas or branding hacks, we are displayed pins that use these keywords. And that is why using keywords is so important to reaching your ideal clients.

When we look at keywords we have short tail and long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are the foundation of your account. They are 1-2 keywords long and aren’t changed by modifier words. Short tail keywords bring a lot of reach and impressions, but they’re broad, they cover a wide topic. The negative with just using short tail keywords is that everyone is using them, so it’s harder to rank at the top of the search results.

Long tail keywords contain more than 3 words and have more intent behind them. The majority of searches use long tail keywords, that is because a user is searching for what they need. Using long tail keywords in your pin descriptions and boards will mean your profile is more targeted to what your audience is searching for!

How to know what short tail keywords to use?

When you first start deciding on what keywords to use, you need to understand your audience first. Knowing what their pain points are and what they’re searching for is key to being successful on Pinterest.

I’m guessing you’ve got a Client Avatar built out, you know who your ideal client is and what their pain points are – if you don’t, go do that! Because you know what they’re struggling with, what they are looking for help with, you understand how they’d search.

The key to understanding how your ideal clients’ search is to forget about being an expert in your field. Your clients don’t think like you do. You might think they’re searching for ‘Instagram Business Tips’ but how they’re searching is more ‘How To Get More Followers On Instagram’.

Once you know how your ideal clients search, you can start building out a bank of keywords to use.

Create a keyword bank

When I’m creating the strategy and managing the account for my clients I always create a keyword bank. I do this because it means I don’t have to search for keywords every time I post a pin because I have an entire list of relevant keywords that I can use for my client’s niche.

What is a keyword bank?

It’s a collection of keywords broken up by short tail keywords. Let’s say you’re a Social Media Coach, you wouldn’t just focus on ‘social media’ keywords, because your clients are also looking for general business help, client attraction tips and much more.

At the top of your document (I use Airtable) I write the short tail keywords and underneath each column I list out the relevant long tail keywords. This then gives me options for keywords to use every time I pin.

So you’re ready to fill your bank up with long tail keywords, but how do you find them?

3 ways you can find the best keywords:

So now you’ve got your short tail keywords, it’s time to start searching for more long tail keywords that you can use in your keyword bank.

1. Search Bar

The first thing you can do is to search your short tail keyword in the Pinterest Search Bar. Here as I start to type marketing suggestions appear, prompting me to look at more niche pins. These suggestions are highly relevant and also the most popular searches on the platform.

Pinterest search bar keyword suggestions

2. Guided Search

The next way you can find even more keywords is once you’ve searched for your keyword right under the search bar you’ll be given even more suggestions, called guided search. These keywords are also highly relevant but give you different results to what you might find in the search bar, so I recommend you use both tools.

Pinterest guided search keyword suggestions

3. Pinterest Ads Keyword Tool

I feel like this way of finding keywords is pretty unknown because Pinterest doesn’t shout about it. But it is something everyone needs to know about because it is extremely helpful in creating keyword strategies.

The first step is to head to Pinterest Ads at the top left next to the search bar and click ‘Create ad’, you’ll need a Business Account to do this. If you haven’t converted your account yet, do that first, you can follow my Pinterest for Business guide.

Pinterest Ads - create an ad demo

Once you’re in the platform you’ll see this screen, add in a mock campaign name and click ‘Continue’, ignore everything else on this screen as you aren’t setting up a proper ad campaign.

Now you’ll be on a screen where a lot is going on, but scroll down until you can find the Keyword section. Here is where you can search your short tail keywords and see not only highly relevant suggestions but also the estimated monthly search volume.

Pinterest Ads Keyword Tool

Need Help With Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

When we work together you don’t just get pretty pins and a consistent schedule, you’ll get the full package. From optimized keyword strategies to understanding if your audience is converting, and if they aren’t how we can fix that. I love Pinterest and making it work in your business, turning cold leads into clients is my thing!