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Hey, I'm Lily!

I’m a manifestation coach, helping female entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their business to manifest the life they desire through the law of attraction.

It's my mission to help women just like you, get from where they are to where they dream to be.



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If you are ready to stop chasing your dreams and make them a reality, then apply for 1:1 coaching where I mentor and guide you to turn those dreams into your everyday with the right techniques and tools.

Here you’ll find tips, tricks, guides, advice and plenty of information about transforming your money mindset, manifesting money and success, and creating a life you love.

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Are you ready to clear your mindset blocks?

I'm guessing so! If you're bored of feeling like your limiting beliefs are holding you back from stepping into your higher self, making the money you dream to make and living a life you love, then working with me will help you remove these blocks and unlock your full potential!


Kind Words


"During my coaching with Lily I transformed my mindset from lack to abundance. She helped me realise I was worthy of the money I wanted. I not only feel super confident now, but the techniques she taught me helped me manifest a new dream client!"


"She helped me put so much into perspective and helped me dig through my limiting beliefs. She helped me break down my own barriers with a negative money mindset & has not only helped with my business but with my personal life too! Lily is an amazing coach and I highly recommend working with her."

sabine oellig

"Lily helped me overcome my blocks to attracting money into my business. In our first call together I received an email from a potential client asking for my services, I couldn't believe how fast I could manifest things, and throughout my coaching I kept attracting more money and clients, manifesting is so cool!"


"I was feeling stuck and unclear until I spoke with Lily. After working on my mindset I now feel aligned and clear on where I want my business to go!"

Do you keep seeing the same pattern of numbers everywhere (111, 888, 11:11) and you aren't sure why or even what it means?

This guidebook will help you understand the patterns and the messages the universe is telling you!

Angel Numbers Guidebook